About Us

About Us

The parish of St Bridget was formally established in 1959 although a Church school was built and operating in 1957. In 1961 the first parish priest Fr William Pietzch was appointed.

Since then the parish thrived under the pastorate of Father Francis McLaughlin, Father John O’Shea and then Priest Father Paul Ryan who was appointed in 1984. Father Paul retired in January 2008. He celebrated his 70th year of Ordination in 2009 along with his 95th birthday.

Until he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Melbourne in 2014, Father Terry Curtin was Parish Priest and also Episcopal Vicar for the Eastern Region of the Archdiocese, and head of the Systematic Theology Department at Catholic Theological College, East Melbourne.

In January 2015, Bishop Curtin was replaced by Missionary of the Sacred Heart Fr Dennis Rochford as Parish Administrator who, after just over two years, retired in April 2017.

His temporary replacement was Fr Brendan Lane, who has been previously involved in the training of priests at Corpus Christi College Carlton.

In September 2017, Fr Mark Reynolds was appointed Parish Priest of St Bridget’s with similar parish responsibilities as Parish Priest at churches in Surrey Hills and Wattle Park.

At the same time Fr Kevin Lenehan, Master of Catholic Theological and Senior Lecturer Department of Systematic Theology, was appointed to the parish as Priest in Residence.

Soon after  Fr Mark Reynolds appointment as Parish Priest of St Jude’s parish, Scoresby in May 20, 2020, Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli appointed Fr John Salvano as Parish Priest of St Bridget’s with Fr Toan Nguyen as assistant priest. Both priests also have responsibility for St Anne’s, East Kew, St Joachim’s, North Kew and also St Bede’s, North Balwyn.

The St Bridget’s Church was blessed and opened in August 1980 by Archbishop Frank Little.

Parishioners are proud of their achievements and are committed to continuing as a community of faith, celebration, belonging and hospitality.

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