School request for host families

SAINT Bridget’s primary school has been offered another opportunity to have a Language Assistant from Italy during Term 2 and 3, to assist with the school’s Language Program.

The school is seeking at least four hosts families to provide accommodation and meals during this time.

If you are interested in becoming a host family please contact the school office or email Robyn Thomson (Principal) directly  by Monday, February 24.

The principal said currently, the school has a Language Assistant, Chiara, from Italy working with us during Term 1.

“This arrangement is at no cost to the school. The impact of having Chiara working with us is already evident in terms of the amount and quality of Italian language being used across the school,” Ms Thomson said.

The school requires to provide three host families to provide accommodation and meals for Chiara during her stay.

Three host families have volunteered to be host families on this first term.