Plenary Council: Listening And Discernment

THE Plenary Council 2020 process has entered its second phase Listening and Discernment exploring the six themes that have emerged from Phase 1. Parishes have been asked to engage further and explore the six themes.

Commencing October 2019 and concluding February 2020 parishioners are offered an opportunity to discern the six themes on a monthly basis.

Prepare for Phase 2 by completing the online survey. Click here for the online survey to express your interest in participating in the Listening and Discernment process.

Alternatively, complete the form available in the narthex.

You may review the six themes on the Plenary Council 2020 web site to decide which one(s) you are most interested in.

A monthly schedule of group sessions will be announced soon, to begin late October. You may participate in one or as many theme discernments as you wish.