Parishioners’ Generous Support

PARISHIONERS were thanked, for their generous support of the parish – expressed by the 38 per cent increase in pledged giving during the recent Stewardship renewal program.

Speaking, September 13, on behalf of Fr Mark Reynolds, the Stewardship Leadership Team and the Pastoral Council, the PPC chairperson, Ric Carnale said the increased came mainly from 19 new families, most of whom have children at the school.

“This is an excellent result and very encouraging for the future of our parish community. We are now in a much better situation than we were with regard to maintaining the church facilities and grounds,” he said.

He noted the retaining walls at the rear of the car park are due for an expensive repair.

Guided by Fr Mark’s experience and behind the scenes work by the parish secretary, Mario Landini, Mr Carnale said the leadership team, has gone about their task with enthusiasm and commitment.

“This achievement is an endorsement of their leadership as much as it is a shared commitment to development as a faith-based community,” he said.