Parish And School Work Well Together

THE relationship between the school and the parish has continued to go from strength-to-strength and this is a tribute to the parish’s warm, nurturing and progressive community at St Bridget’s.

In a letter, December 23, to parishioners, the School Board chair, Andrew Mariadason said 2019 has been another wonderful year of collaboration and partnership between St Bridget’s Primary School (SBPS) and the St Bridget’s Catholic Parish, Greythorn.

Some highlights of the year were:

  • Two parents (fathers) from two separate families at SBPS were baptised as Catholics.
  • A number of children in the school have commenced regular altar serving duties with seven further servers became involved during the year.
  • A growing number of children (including pupils from the school) are involved in the weekly children’s liturgy during the Sunday morning Mass, and with the 5:30pm Youth Mass on Sunday evenings, continuing to be a fixture of the parish.
  • A number of parents at the school were involved in lectoring/reading, special ministering, music, cleaning, volunteering and involvement in the Parish Pastoral Council.

“The school continues to have 63% of its student cohort who operate at a level more than one year above the National average in mathematics and 37% of students operate at one year or more above the National average in literacy/reading. These figures reflect the excellent learning opportunities that exist at the school for all of its pupils,” Mr Mariadason said.

Among the number events that took place throughout the year were the SBPS trivia night which raised important funds for school restoration projects and the Diversity Day where the school community had the opportunity to mingle with a number of families within the parish from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

“The school also marked its  60th anniversary in October with a wonderful celebration with alumni, current and past parishioners and members of the current community (both the school and parish) coming together.

“Our school production titled ‘A Kid ‘s Life’ was was a massive hit with the pupils as well as the parents and teachers,” Mr Mariadason said.

The chair also thanked parish priest Fr Mark Reynolds for his ongoing commitment to the school and Principal Robyn Thomson for her energy and care for the school and all her staff and volunteers at St Bridge t’s that make this such a wonderful and generous community to be a part of.

Wishing all for Christmas and New Year, Mr Mariadason said if the parishioners are interested in SBPS they should give the principal a call on 9857 6394.