Our sacramental life: Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli has written a special message to the clergy and faithful in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, expressing his closeness and concern while acknowledging the many challenges facing the community during this extended period of lockdown.


It follows last week’s overturning of restrictions on spiritual ministry to the sick and the dying, an oversight that was quickly remedied by the Government.

‘Throughout the pandemic, I have been advocating directly with the Government, reminding authorities continually of our respectful compliance with each stage of restrictions, and seeking a fair consideration in what is permitted,’ said Archbishop Comensoli.

‘The Catholic community throughout the pandemic has been constructive and positive. We have, and continue to act in a mature way, caring for the safety and vulnerability of Victorians facing great risk. Thankfully the signs of driving down COVID numbers are looking good at this moment and Catholics join other people of faith in giving thanks for this outcome and working to ensure the steps ahead do not take us backward.’

Earlier in the week, the Archbishop recorded a video message in which he explained some of the work being done in the background to help the Catholic community move towards a re-opening of its sacramental life here in the Archdiocese.