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Support available for the vulnerable and housebound

A group of parish volunteers is being organised to provide assistance with deliveries of essential medicines and groceries to the elderly, the housebound and those who are immune-suppressed or disabled and need to remain isolated. If you need assistance of this kind either send an email to or leave a message with the parish office (9857 6395) with your name and contact details.

If you know of someone who may need this assistance but does not use email, please print and deliver this message to them.

Contactless arrangements

The nature of the support being offered by the parish is necessarily contactless. Typically, this means deliveries will be left at your door, to be picked up by you. There will be no handling of cash by our volunteers, so the goods must be paid for in advance and the storekeeper must be aware that a volunteer is coming to act as your agent for the delivery. If any of these arrangements pose a difficulty for you, include that information in your email or phone message and someone will be in touch to discuss arrangements with you.

Other options to be aware of

Some local stores are now offering free delivery. Call them and check if they will deliver to your door. Local IGA and convenience stores may put goods aside for you to be picked up. It’s worth a call, particularly if you’re a regular customer of theirs.

Woolworths Priority Assistance program, You will need to register and fill in an online form for this service.

Terry White Chemmart pharmacies offer a free monthly home delivery. See their web site for details, They also have a “Click and Collect” service through their Health App, the details of which are also on their web site. Your regular pharmacist may also be providing similar services. It’s worth a call to ask them.


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