Live Stream: Mass Holy Thursday: 7pm

During these unprecedented times, quite painfully, many Catholics will be unable to attend Mass. No doubt, this will only increase our hunger for Christ.

On-line Mass for Sundays & Weekdays at St Patrick's cathedral, Melbourne, Australia

St Bridget’s parish will Live Stream the Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm.


After the Live Stream go to the “On Demand” Video page (right) to follow the Mass that was “live”.

During Holy Week, we will live stream on the following days:

Holy Thursday: 7pm

Holy Saturday Vigil: 6pm

Holy Redeemer parish will live stream on Good Friday & Easter  Sunday morning. Information to come.

Instructions for accessing the live stream:

If you have Facebook:

  1. login to Facebook or open the app
  1. search for “St Bridget’s Church, Greythorn” or click on this

to take you to the parish Facebook page.

3. Click on the “videos” tab on the left of the page

4. Click on the video you want to watch (the Mass)

If you don’t have Facebook:

  1. from the this page, click on the link to Facebook

2. Click on the “videos” tab on the left of the page

3.  Click on the video you want to watch (the Mass)

The word “live” will appear next to the video tab and on the video during live streaming.

Those with a Facebook account can also either “follow” or “like” the St Bridget’s Church, Greythorn page and then you will be updated every time the page has a new post.

We encourage you to continue your life of prayer and participation in the life of the Church despite this heavy cross. Click on this link that seeks to provide guidance to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Melbourne regarding their participation in Mass during the Coronavirus pandemic.

IF you are unable to be present at a celebration of the Eucharist,  you are still able to participate in other ways such as time in personal and family prayer, reflecting on the Scriptures, making a spiritual communion, or participating in a Mass on-line. Click on link below.