Lent ideal preparation for Easter

THE season of Lent commences Wednesday, February 26 – Ash Wednesday, an ideal preparation for the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord.

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of Fasting and Abstinence of meat.

During Lent, as Christians, we are called to practice penance and self-denial, which may take the form of:

Prayer – daily Mass, family prayer, visit a church, reading the bible, pray the Rosary, and other ways.

Self-Denial – not eating meat, desserts, sweets, giving up entertainment, limiting food and drink, giving to the poor and needy. Project Compassion is an excellent means of expressing self-denial – boxes and envelopes are available in the narthex to assist with contributions. Envelopes can be returned weekly and boxes are returned on Easter Sunday.

Helping Others – special attention or a visit to the poor, sick, elderly, our neighbour or lonely person.

On Tuesday, February 23, at 2.30pm at the school, Fr Mark will bless and burn the palms in preparation for Ash Wednesday, parishioners are welcome to join the school community in this liturgical celebration.