Parish Newletter: March

Stewardship Giving

Parishioners who contribute to the Stewardship Giving by envelope (cash), may be concerned that their giving will fall behind over the next few months when the churches are closed for liturgical celebrations. During this time you are under no obligations to make up the arrears, particularly if you are experiencing hardship or cannot get to the Church.

However, if you are in a position to continue your contributions these are gratefully appreciated.

 You can drop off your envelope at the Parish Office (put it in the mail slot next to the office door); or
 You can change your method of giving to set and forget Direct Debit or Credit Card facility. Please contact the Parish Office during office hours to discuss your options. Phone: 9857 6395.

In addition many of you generously support the Presbytery Collection on Sundays. As this is traditionally cash only, contributions will be impacted. But if you wish, you can continue to support the Presbytery Collection which provides for the parish priest, you may do so through Direct Debit or Credit Card. Please Contact the Parish Office to arrange and or discuss your options.

The Finance Committee encourages you to consider changing your method of giving to decrease the amount of cash being handled by our team of volunteer collectors, counters and bankers and reduce the possibility of spreading germs etc amongst the team.

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