Fr Mark gets new appointment

FATHER Mark Reynolds has been appointed Parish Priest of St Jude’s parish, Scoresby from May 20, 2020.

Appointed Parish Priest of St Bridget’s in September 2017, Fr Mark was simultaneously parish priest at churches in Surrey Hills and Wattle Park.

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) chairman, Ric Carnale, congratulated Fr Mark on his appointment to St Jude’s parish and, on behalf of the council and parishioners, he expressed grateful appreciation for Fr Mark’s ministry to the parish for the last 32 months.

“You have a gift for navigating uncharted waters and perhaps recognition of that talent has something to do with this latest appointment,” Ric said in an email to Fr Mark.

Wishing him the very best in his new appointment, Ric said he had looked forward to working with Fr Mark over an extended period but this changed with his new appointment that will herald a new kind of parish reality for Fr Mark.

“St Bridgets, we will miss you. (School principal) Robyn and the school will miss you. You have been a great supporter and friend,” Ric said.