Face to face teaching resume at St Bridget’s primary school

Children of St Bridget’s Primary School returned to school, Monday, Oct 12, for face to face teachings, after being under Remote Learning for the greater part of this year.

Principal Mrs Robyn Thomson said, faced with the pandemic, 2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging time.
But, it was also a time to reflect on the amazing performance of the staff at St Bridget’s Primary School during this challenging time, she said.

“Since the beginning of Remote Learning in April, the staff have delivered lessons live via Zoom from 9am-3.30pm each school day.

“These lessons have also included our Specialist Program, our Early Intervention Program and our Gifted and Talented Program,” Mrs Thomson said.

To ensure the well-being of the students, ‘Social Interaction’ time was introduced each afternoon across the school, so that the children had an opportunity to talk with their friends.

The school also introduced Multi Aged Well Being groups one afternoon each week, where the children enjoyed participating in fun activities.

During this remote learning time, regular contact was made with all families to ensure they felt supported in their child’s learning and to receive feedback to further improve our program. There was some good news that resulted from this performance.

“During this time, we have welcomed eight new students to our school and as Principal of St Bridget’s, I’m incredibly proud of my staff who have been open to new ways of teaching and learning including using the unfamiliar technology,” Mrs Thomson said.