Coronavirus: Safeguards during services

UNTIL further notice, the Australian Catholic Bishops’ have asked that parishioners consider their own health, including any potential to infect others with any virus/flu/cold before attending Mass. Anyone who is unwell can honour their Sunday obligation by participating in a time of prayer within the home, reading the Scriptures or watching Mass on television.

Distribution of Holy Communion under both species (Bread and Wine) will be suspended for the time being. The chalice will not be shared, and the celebrant will be the only person consuming the wine.

Fully gluten free hosts are available please see the celebrant before Mass or contact the parish office for guidance on using these hosts.

Ministers of Holy Communion will sanitise or wash their hands before and after distributing Communion.

Communion will only be distributed to participants on their hands. Not on the tongue. Holy Communion will be distributed from the usual isles. Please approach the sanctuary in two single lines (not in single file) this will ensure a steady flow and ease congestion when receiving Holy Communion.

When exchanging the Sign of Peace, individuals should avoid shaking hands and instead say: Peace be with you – and offer a smile, wave, nod or bow.

 For the time being, and as a precautionary measure, Holy Water will be removed from the font. Holy Water is still available to take home if needed.