Call To Youth

COME and participate  in Rise 2020 – a one day Catholic Youth Festival to be held on Saturday, March 21, at Emmaus College, Vermont South from 10am to 6pm. 

This gathering is in its third year and attracted over 800 young people from all over Melbourne in 2019.

At its very core, Rise exists to empower young people to deepen their relationship with Jesus, discover and celebrate the life of Catholic faith, and be disciples in the world as vital members of the Catholic Church.

The festival will feature interactive exhibitions, festival activities, engaging workshops, live music and heartfelt prayer and worship experiences. Three streams will feature this year:

  • Stream 1: Year 7 to 8
  • Stream 2: Year 9 to 11
  • Stream 3: The Young Adults stream (Year 12 to 25 years of age)

Further information about Rise can be found on the website: