Archbishop’s Statement On Cardinal Pell’s Leave To Appeal Granted

Peter A Comensoli 

Archbishop of Melbourne 

The High Court has today (Wednesday, Nov 13) allowed Cardinal George Pell leave to appeal his conviction and sentence.

Ours is a country that highly values the rule of law, even when different personal views are held. As this case comes to its concluding phase, many questions remain for the High Court to consider.

I acknowledge those who have experienced much anguish throughout this process, most especially those at the heart of the case. I seek to remain close to all involved in prayer and support, especially survivors of abuse.

Catholics in Melbourne have also experienced much distress, and I acknowledge the women and men, religious and clergy of the Archdiocese who remain dedicated to the care, respect and safety of all in our communities.

I encourage and welcome anyone abused as a child or as a vulnerable person within the Catholic Church to come forward. I renew my commitment to work with them for their healing, recovery and well-being. I also recommit the Archdiocese of Melbourne to a culture that listens, and protects children and vulnerable people now and into the future.

We now await the process of the Appeal and I will be making no further comment until its